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Welcome to drawingPEOPLE
Join this group if you would like to improve in drawing people. This group welcomes rough studies, sketches and paintings of the human anatomy as well as detailed drawings/paintings, We also allow submissions of resources such as tutorials and photo references.

Please read the Resource section of the journal entry for some helpful links that will allow you to improve on drawing people. This section is included in every journal entry, but we suggest you read it from the newer entries as these are more up to date.

Upon uploading your studies, members are encouraged to critique one another's work on a give and receive basis to help others, as well as yourself to improve.
Founded 3 Years ago
Aug 29, 2011


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Art Collection

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1,589 Members
1,472 Watchers
23,151 Pageviews
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Read the stinkin information.  We aren't an "everything" group.  It's drawing PEOPLE. drawings of people. art of people.  Stop submitting your non-human art. PLEASE.  It will be declined and my desire to let you know why is dwindling.
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Things to keep in mind

• Both traditional and digital work are accepted
Photography is accepted in the Photo References folder
• Be sure to submit to the correct gallery folder
• If your submission is a page of various body parts, submit to the Various folder
• Be sure to give professional critique (give positive feedback as well as negative, finish with tips on improving)
• Try not to submit too many separate pieces, group them on a single page and upload as one large file instead
• The Feature folder is for works of higher quality, anything submitted here will be voted upon by the admins
• Be sure to read the blog entry Resource for drawing people as this will be very helpful for you

C o n t r i b u t o r s
We are recruiting contributors! - If you have a good knowledge on drawing the human anatomy and an understanding of different art styles then you are welcome to request to be a contributor.
As a contributor it is your job to:
• Invite members
• Sift through the dA galleries, finding art to submit to the group
-----Be sure to submit to correct gallery folder
-----Read Group Info for understanding of what to submit
-----This image shows how to submit people's Artwork
-----Aim for 5 a week at least
• Manage the gallery - make sure things are in the correct gallery folder, if they are not then you can move them (hover over the artwork's thumbnail which will show a pencil icon, click that then click move)
• Vote on submissions by members
-----Only decline if it's the wrong folder
• Help members out by critiquing their submitted work (try to aim for 5 pieces of art every week)

M e m b e r s
As a member you can:
• Invite others to join
• Submit your artwork (make sure it's correct folder!)
-----Not sure how to submit? View this image
• Suggest favourites
• Help others out by critiquing their submitted work (try to aim for 5 pieces of art every week)










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MegzWills Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Could someone help me with the anatomy on this? The arms dreadful :headshake: 
((picture link below lol sorry about the name)) 
ignore this it needs help
SirGunky Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You haven't drawn the "forward" edge of the palm so the hand looks kind of backwards. The curve along the palm side, below the pinky, is inverted, so it looks like the base of the thumb is outside. You're not far off on it. Proper shading will fix some of it - shading the inside part of the base of the thumb, for example.

It looks like she's leaning her elbow on something, which should bring her shoulder higher and more in towards the neck if she has any weight on it. Considering the pose, there should probably also be slightly more curve to the spine, unless she has her back rigidly set against something, which connects just below the shoulder blade or thereabouts. Give the body some fluidity and flow, or make a point of showing why those angles are the way they are. You might also consider roughing in the thing she has her arm leaning on to see where it intersects the body and hides it.

What's your source image? Are you drawing from life or from a photo or? It's hard to give details without seeing your source for comparison. For instance, I think the forearm might need to be a bit thicker near the elbow, considering the weight and shape of the upper arm, but it might be pulled into a different, thinner shape by a number of factors.

Feet and hands are pretty much the hardest thing to get just right. I tend to "cheat" when I do them - comic book illustration tricks, hiding the fingers/toes so I don't have to do them, etc. It's important to only draw the bits you see, so working with a photo reference or one of those wooden models, etc, is your best bet.

I've done a bit of editing in GIMP to show you what I mean... I can add it to the Tutorials section here if you like.
MegzWills Featured By Owner 4 days ago
It was a very very pixilated image but I couldn't see the fingers so I terrible improvised ;-; 
I just need some red lines to help D: She is sitting on a throne though so theres a back piece to her chair which shes leaning against
SirGunky Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist…

Here ya go. Hope it helps.
Andrzej17 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for accepting my skatche's Hug 

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